Just like Efya, we all are increasingly tired of this very accusation of whether she is on drugs or not but we are not leaving her be until she gets the guts to admit it.

Jane Awindor has been linked to doing drugs for a long time now but the chic says she is not and has not been on drugs all her life. In a new interview, the singer claims the only drug she has been on is paracetamol and that is because she suffers a migraine.

“I have had a migraine since I was 12 years and I do take paracetamol so that is the only drug I do. I don’t care about people saying I do drugs. I don’t care anymore because I know who I am.

“You can’t stop my greatness. I have been doing this for 8 years and you think you can stop me? Amazing, Stop saying I do drugs, Are you not bored with the same old story”

…how can you say your favourite food is fufu and kontomire stew and expect us to believe you don’t do drugs?

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