Chisim Special, the fan of crossdresser, Bobrisky, who jubilated on social media after the latter sent him a message in his DM has resurfaced to defend the video he earlier posted where he appreciated the crossdresser.


We reported earlier about how Chisim was nearly moved to tears as he recounted how Bobrisky went to his DM to send him a message upon all the hundreds of messages he receives from people on social media and for him, that means it is a sign of greatness.

According to him in a video he shared, the development is a good way to kick start the year and he appreciated Bobrisky for this as he admits that Bobrisky has hundreds of piled up messages in his DM but he decided to send him a message and respond to him.

After he dropped the video, some Nigerians castigated him for his pubic expression of love for the crossdresser.

He has, however, responded to critics and lashed out at them describing them as ‘hypocrites’ as they are the same people who go to Bobrisky’s page for giveaways yet condemn his personality.

In the new video, he described Bobrisky as one of the biggest celebrities in Africa and if he was not important why would he have such following.

Nigerians are hypocrites, they claim to dislike Bobrisky, but who are the 4.2Million people following him on Instagram? Most Nigerians even secretly enter his dm to beg her for money and giveaways,” he said.


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