Amidst the high adrenaline characterizing the National Maths and Science Quiz in recent times, Quiz mistress Dr. Elsie Kauffman has revealed the dark side of hosting the show.


While in the studios of Kessben FM which also streamed on the TV version (Kessben TV), the indefatigable poster lady of the prestigious program said she received multiple threats from unknown people ahead of the grand finale of this year’s show.

Predictably the potpourri of suspense, disappointment expectations, and other emotions which skyrocketed compelled some people to put fear in Elsie before, and the program which was eventually won by Prempeh College ended.

Listen to what she said in the video below;

Popular Ghanaian TikToker Hajia Bintu has made her first appearance online after her no-makeup photo shook the foundation of the internet days ago.

In a subtle way to tell the idle people who put her brand on the trolling board and made mincemeat of her that she doesn’t care about their gossips, Hajia Bintu was spotted dancing seductively to the song of Tiwa Savage.

On the same tangent, she shook her flexible waist and hips as she activated her buoyant mood while shutting the door of negativities in her life.

Recall that Bintu ridiculing started when blogger,@hiz_sarpomaah put her on the spot by sharing her no-makeup photo captured when she stepped out to the beach juxtaposed her glossy photos on IG.

She captioned the photo;

“Instagram vs Reality. …..our heavily endowed Hajia Bintu was seen at Kokrobite without any sign of pregnancy (that Kokonsa na nu y3 false alarm ) Hajia Bintu kafra wai and continue to slay effortlessly.”



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