Budding and sensational Nollywood actress Bukola Kitan has opened up on her private life specifically on matters regarding her love life and relationship.

Bukola revealed that she can do the most stupid things when she is in love.

The beautiful and curvaceous screen goddess made this known during an interview with Sunday Sun.

According Bukola Titan, when quizzed by the host about the craziest thing she could do for love, she believes in love and does not care displeasing herself for love.

Below are excerpts from her interview;

What is the craziest thing you can do for love?


I can do anything for love. I can be very stupid at times when I am in love. I always want to please my partner with everything, even not minding displeasing myself.

Have you ever fallen in love wrongly?

It has happened so many times because my heart is pure and I always believe in love.

So, with all these experiences, how come you have not given up on love?

No, I will never give up on love because love is life.


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