Osofo Kyiri Abosom says he doesn’t want to go hungry that is why he charges consultant fees from his congregants.

Speaking during an interview on Accra 100.5 FM with Nana Romeo, leader of Life Assembly Worship Center, said;

“I don’t joke with my consultation fees. I can’t afford to go hungry when I’m working. Doctors charge for consultation, so why can’t we pastors do the same when people come to us.

Those who criticize me and other pastors are just ignorant of the teachings of the Bible. How can I pay my TV programs and utility bills if I don’t charge for a consultation? You are seeking consultation for the knowledge God has given me, so you have to pay. It’s not for free, the charges differ from person to person, politicians are charged differently from businessmen and women and ordinary people.”


Pastor Kyiri Abosom also known as Dr. Christian Kwabena had received quite a bashing from the public for his continuous charging of consultation fees especially when he has the ambition to lead the country through Ghana Union Movement (GUM) party.

With this new development, people believe this will make him unpopular and reduce his chances of becoming president of the country at the December polls.


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