The boss of Marvin Records Label Don Jazzy has disclosed how he couldn’t sleep all night over the recent happenings in the country. and the whole world at large.

Don Jazzy has taken to his Twitter page to pour out his feels and disappointments over the negative happenings all around the whole world at large.

The rate of crime and injustice reports all over the world is heartbreaking and serious. Recently, a Black American George Floyd was murdered by the Minneapolis police officers which has caused protest all over the States with citizens demanding for justice for the murdered man.


Nigerian however also recorded a case of a 22-year old University student of Benin reportedly raped and battered inside a church in Edo state. This incident has cause most people especially celebrities to condemn the act and seeking for justice for the girl.

Don Jazzy reacting to new happenings tweeted….”Couldn’t sleep all night. Everything going on is just scattering my head. Sad thing is I don’t have answers. Both short and long term. Who does please?”


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