Rapper Obrafour is not happy with these current kind of beefs. According to Obrafour, in their days they punched holes in the lyrics of their rivals, their beef was to boost sales but this new beefs, which involves dissing ones mothers is not a cool thing.

On Showbiz A-Z with George Quaye, when asked what he made of this new beefs, he said,

“I don’t subscribe to it at all, talking about people’s mothers who have nothing to do with their music is a no-no. These are people who have nothing to do with the music, it is just sad “

He continued,

“Reggie Rockstone in one of his songs says he was born with a microphone in his hands…the jab comes as no one is born with a microphone in their hands. it was just beautiful,”

Obrafuor added that beefs during his era helped boost their record sales but they, the artistes, never had any bad blood between them.

Obrafour is set to celebrate his Pae Mu ka at 20 Concert this November


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