Renowned Ghanaian entertainment journalist, Arnold Asamoah Baidoo has fired back at record producer Da Hammer over his clash with dancehall artiste Shatta Wale on United Showbiz.


Arnold Asamoah has replied Da Hammer after he took to his Facebook page to scold him for disrespecting Shatta Wale. Da Hammer flared up after Arnold described Shatta Wale as a confused person. According to Hammer the word confused used by Arnold is disrespectful no matter how you spin it. He also said Arnold had no right to call Shatta Wale confused.

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This comment from Hammer comes after Arnold and Shatta Wale clashed on UTV a few days ago. Hammer took to his Facebook page and wrote…

In Hammer’s Facebook post, he emphasized that “it wouldn’t be the first time something has eluded another individual in this life. That’s actually why there’s a saying that “ppl fear what they don’t understand.

“Do you know how many ppl have been called confused and crazy in history, just cos they were misunderstood, only for them to change the narrative that eventually went on to influence society for the better?”
“Arnold u shld knw better. A few tantrums and politically incorrect outbursts from star boy and so what!!” Hammer said.

He continued that “U forget we made him this way? The cruelty of this industry swallowed him and spit him out, the only difference here is the fact that he fought back and created success however way possible… what be this!!! The guy is actually trying to go beyond himself to move the industry into a better space and u think u know better because of 2 lame examples of Nigerian genres u cited?”

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“Me myself I don’t agree with the idea of one Genre to represent GH but can’t I have that opinion without being disrespectful? Sometimes you guys sound like u wanted to be musicians and it didn’t work out,” the sound engineer lashed out the showbiz pundit and entertainment journalist”.

However, in an interview with Andy Dosty, Arnold Asamoah said he does not want to drag the issue with Hammer. He added that Hammer is an aged man who has paid his dues in the music industry so does not want to reply rudely.



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