Relatively unknown Ghanaian musician, Queen Haizel has told Andy Dosty on ‘Day Break’ on Hitz FM that she forcibly made one dude bang the hell out of her in a hot atopa session owing to peer pressure.

She told the host her friends often bragged about sex and mounted pressure to also taste the ‘forbidden fruit’ to which she succumbed eventually.

“My friends molested me with sex so I decided to try it. I remember forcing myself on one guy and he broke my virginity,” she said.

Adding more details about her sexuality, the almost plus-sized singer said she can have about 17 orgasms a day, with most coming through vibrations and other weird mediums.

she said, “I can get an orgasm through vibrations. Even when I am walking. Back in SHS, I liked the ‘boneshaker’ track [because it rode rough]. Everyone was going with the smooth riding vehicles but I loved ‘boneshaker.”

Queen Haizel, who was discovered by Highlife musician Lucky Mensah, has songs like ‘3ky3’, ‘Bravo’,’Shormi’, ‘Spedeede’, amongst others to her credit.



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