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‘I Have 17 Tattoos On My Body’-Ebony


Ebony has told Delay in an exclusive that she has 17 tattoos on her body and also loves s*x very much and we know Ghanaians would go like, ‘yeah, we are not surprised!’

The musician has often be lambasted for revealing too much flesh and using s*xual imagery in her lyrics and music videos.

She said:

I love to have sex but with a particular person. I write explicit songs based on my sexual experience.I broke my virginity out of curiosity. It was an infatuation.

Ebony also revealed she has 17 tattoos on her body with the recent one being a Star of David with wings under her breast because “I’m a very deep person and weird in some way.”

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She added:

I never smoked weed and never tried weed. I’m a bad girl – musically, mentally, in everything I do. I’m also the hottest and biggest female dancehall artiste in Ghana who’s making a lot of money.

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