Popular Kumawood actor, Kwaku Manu in what seemed like a church confession has publicly stated that, he has courted and slept with other women even though he was legally married.

He noted that, it is not easy for any man, irrespective of his financial background to be faithful to his wife, especially if the wife is someone who does not stay at the same place with the man.

He labeled men who claim to be faithful as liars, emphasizing that if about 100 men are arranged, one 1% of the total sum will be able to stay without cheating on their wives.


He further advised ladies to pray that the men they finally settle down with should be ones who respect ladies a lot. He added that if they don’t say such a prayer, they may end up with men who will cheat on them and still rub in in their faces but if they get men who respect them, they may cheat but do it in secret and even apologize when he is caught.



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