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‘I Have Slept With Over 100 Men’ – S’ex Addict Reveals


S’ex is an inherent thing which fulfills and sustains us as humans. But to be addicted to it, such that you need to do it six times a day means something could be wrong with your biological makeup.

This is exactly the story of a former sex addict Monique Price. The young lady revealed that she has had s’ex 1000 times with more than 100 s’exual partners.

She said her ‘woes’ started at the age of 15 and was diagnosed with multiple STD’s after having unprotected s’ex for years even when pregnant.

She added that she has in the past also engage in group s*x with multiple men. As a young girl her body had uncontrollable urges and wired feelings and

“When I went to the Doctor he told me, it was teenage hormones. He asked If I was s*xually active but I lied because my mother was present,’ she said.

Speaking out to raise awareness she said:

S*x addiction is like a drug addiction, you will do anything to get that hit and you don’t care how you get it or who you hurt along that way. It is just this uncontrollable urge that takes over your whole mind and body.

I didn’t realize what I was doing because I was only thinking of myself. I was definitely a bad mother. I would put my children to sleep and them leave the house to have s*x and wouldn’t come back for days.

Everyone in my family was angry with me and did not trust me at all.Even when I was pregnant with my fourth child, the desire for s*x got stronger because of my hormones. I picked up STDs that could have killed my unborn child and still I didn’t stop because my body didn’t want me to.

I was stuck in a deep dark hole and didn’t know how to get out. I thought my life was over.”


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