Kwesi Arthur’s father in a recent radio interview revealed that, while Kwesi Arthur was growing up he feared he would be addicted to gambling at a young age noting that he was mostly found at game centers.

Mr Danso Arthur stated in the interview that the rapper and his brothers, were mostly found at gaming centers which also doubled as gambling spots.

“I did not like it when they used up their leisure time at game centres. I was not against them playing games but they falling prey to gambling.”, he noted.

He further disclosed that, Kwesi Arthur would always get into trouble because his elder brother would take him to a game center.

“When I catch them (Kwesi and his brothers) at the game centres, they know what I do. I did not use cane in my house but a leather belt and that put some fear in them,” Mr Arthur said.

He was quick to add that, his son (Kwesi Arthur) is now a ‘refined’ man.


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