Media personality and model Andrea Owusu, popularly known in Showbiz as Efia Odo has insisted of posting her bikini pictures on social media without fear.


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One person who has taken a lot of heat from what has happened to Akuapem Poloo is Efia Odo as most social media has stormed her Twitter page warning her to be careful of the type of pictures she shares on social media as she might be next in line.

Efia in moments ago engaged herself with a Twitter banter with a fan who suggested she will also be jailed like Akuapem Poloo should she post a picture of her nudes with a minor.

She didn’t take it lightly as she went wild on the fan describing him as a ‘dumb’. She added the fan wasn’t breastfed well when he was born that explains while whatever he says or does is ‘dumb.

That boy, he’s just dumb and everything he says is dumb. I don’t expect sensible things to ever come out his mouth. I’m sure he wasn’t breastfed as a child. It explains the lack of working brain cells.

As fans continue to quiz her whether she will continue to share her type of pictures on social media with the fear of being arrested and jailed, Efia has revealed she will continue to pictures of her in bikini on social media.

She added nude is when one is are not wearing any panties or bra, so she is not bothered to share pictures of her in bikini on social media like any other human being does.

Nude means no panties underwear or bra. It means butt ass naked. Imma keep posting my bikini pics like every other normal human being does.

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