Former president, John Dramani Mahama has categorically indicated that, he will never retract his boot-for-boot comments. let alone to apologize for his comment.

His made his boot-for-boot comments came after some members of the National Democratic Congress were attacked by alleged NPP vigilante group, the Invisible Forces.

” We are not going to joke in 2020, and I’m sounding a warning to the NPP – we are going to match them boot for boot…”, President Mahama made this comment at a recent delegates.

But in a related development, he has stated that, he will not apologize after calls from Ghanaians to retract the statement.

“It is rather me they are accusing… they say I should come and apologise, the one who has been shot. I should come and apologise? Meanwhile, you won’t condemn the one who shot. We will not tolerate this in Ghana”.

But as soon as their preferred [NPP] government comes into power, everything is right: ‘family and friends [government]’ is okay as long as they are qualified. You think NPP will be in power forever,” he added.

We are serving them notice. They shall never deploy such a force in any election in Ghana again. We will resist it. You haven’t seen armed men running away before? When the power of the people comes after you, you will run. This is the ‘all die be die’ philosophy at work. We won’t accept ‘all die be die’ in this country.”

They are not supposed to have hoodlums dressed in police uniforms using police vehicles and firing bullets at our innocent civilians.”


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