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‘I Won’t Apologize For Slapping My Bodyguard’-Shatta Wale


After the infamous hefty slap Shatta Wale gave to his bodyguard when a crazy fan wanted to breach security whilst he was performing at just ended S-concert, we thought an immediate apology would have followed.

But as controversial as he’s, Shatta Wale Shatta Wale has revealed that there’s nothing wrong with what he did because his action was in conformity with his SM rules-can you imagine that?

He posted on Facebook thus:

Nobody should think of Interview for my bodyguard ..He wont even answer you ..He is loyal and he understands the SMCODE ..hey folks today i want you guys to know SHATTA MOVEMENT IS BEYOND MUSIC….Sort your lives out cuz am living mine in a grand style..Biggie Sparta too Loyal…

Lots of commenters however disagreed vehemently with him and asked him to change his uncouth behavior before it’s too late.

One commenter wrote:

You Slapped Someone and you talking about Loyalty ? Hmmmm Money Talks Ampa. But i Swear I Will Slap My Boss Back If He Tries This Nonsense on me. you talking about how Loyal he is to you but the question is, are you loyal to him? you aint a good leader so stop talking about Loyalty here. a good leader doesnt solve problems like this. slapping someones dad or dad to be on stage for the world to see. if you wash your dirty clothes outside, thats when your neighbours will talk about you. Hes just human and he could make mistakes but slapping him wasnt the best way . also you talk about The Love you have for yours fans, yet you slapped your bodyguard for allowing your fans come on stage.. You Have No fucking Love for your fans, its just a way for them to Hype you so you can make Money… you could have made an announcement to the fans that they should stop coming up on stage to interrupt your performance. Instead you used your Left Hand to Slap Your “LOYAL BODYGUARD”…. is that how you treat your “LOYAL MEMBERS”…. Asem Ooo. I Know Some Stupid Boys Will come and Speak Bullshit to me. I Wont Even Reply To Your Insults….. i will just like them for you to know i have seen it but too matured to reply. #BEWISE

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