Renowned Ghanaian lawyer, Ace Ankomah has lauded the leadership quality of the newly installed Inspector General of Police (IGP), George Akuffo Dampare.


In his words, if he continues like this, Ghanaians will have faith in the police service and help elevate their diminishing reputation. He further said there are strong institutions in the country, however, due to their poor leadership, many have been rendered paper tigers.

“You can have the strong institutions but if you don’t have the leadership, the men and women with the spine, to take advantage of the strong institutions on paper, they remain strong institutions on paper, and that has been Ghana’s problem,” he said on JoyNews’ Newsfile Saturday, October 30.

He further added, “The police is a very strong institution but on paper. Every law that the police need to make sure that this country is safe exists on paper, we’re just unwilling, unprepared, or unable to put those laws into practice because the one who leads is not strong.

He’s hopeful that should George Dampare be left to do his work as he’s doing now, sanity and professionalism would be returned to the Ghana Police Service and faith in the Police would increase.

“So it’s not necessarily about the man or woman in the leadership position, it is about the institution and the leader, the vision the leader brings to the institution, that is what shapes it and keeps it going,” he said.



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