Actress Ama Konadu Abebrese has disclosed that rapper M.anifest is such an intelligent rapper. According to the adorable actress, if you appreciate true rap music and not just chasing after popular songs, then you would notice that M.anifest is such an amazing rapper.

Speaking on JOY FM’s Cosmopolitan Mix with Mamavi Aboagye, she said,

“M.anifest is such an amazing rapper; he’s one of the best Emcees in Ghana. If you appreciate rap music, true rap songs and not just popular songs, you would know M.anifest is simply dope”.


She continued,

“M.anifest is very intellectual, he’s very intelligent and he cuts across; be it social issues, fun stuffs, you name it. The guy is very dope, he would say something in his songs that would get you thinking, and later on, you would fall in love with his works more and more. He’s definitely among the best rappers.”


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