Reality TV star, Rico Swavey has advised his fellow men who are single or are currently in a relationship with a non-materialistic woman never to let them go.


Rico Swavey posited on the micro-blogging platform, Twitter that there are some good women out there who are not interested in a man’s money, car, or house as she claims they don’t fancy such things.

However, for such ladies, all they want is someone to love and be loved in return and urged those who find women under this category not to leave them because they are very rare.

See his tweet below;

See some reactions below;

Best believe, RICO. You know this and may you know PEACE. I’m happy, lucky and blessed 😊.


Try dey add ‘rich’ no matter how a woman take good, if she is broke, your money is part of what she cares about o.


This dude is referring to me💔😭😭😭😭….my boyfriend broke up with me recently saying I came for his money not him…..but since I met him I have never eaten a dym from him…it has been me giving him the little I have out of love


Looks like they will host gulder ultimate search for una wey dey find non-materialistic woman oh una go enter bush go find am 😂


Not all the womens are same but majority of them are materialistic because of virtual world now a days. People are so attracted to other stuff. Individual have lot of expectation and demand. If you dont do it they simple leave you.



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