Singer of the popular ‘Bobolebobo’ song, Evangelist I.K Aning, has issued an advise to all men, especially husbands, on what they should do with their monies so they become successful in life.

He stated that, men should give their monies to their wives due to the fact that, women go through a lot in bringing up children and taking care of the house.

“Men should even change their salary name into their wive’s names so that at the end of the month, the women will go for the money and give some to the men”, he said in an interview.

He revealed that whenever he needed money, he goes to his wife since according to him, he gives all his monies to the wife after every show. “For me, after every show, I give all the money I get to my wife to count and keep it, she gives me some if I need it”, he added.

He continued saying, “I am saying this because women are very good in taking care of the family and also know the needs of the children”.


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