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A nonagenarian from Jamaica called Melita Gordon has suggested that the secret to longevity and healthy living can be achieved through smoking weed. The 95-year-old-woman, despite protestations from her family, has been smoking weed for 85 years of her life, from age 10 to the present day.

Madam Melita said she won’t stop smoking ganja until she’s dead because stopping could kill her. “When mi goes a doctor he say him ah tell mi fi to stop smoke marijuana, because if mi stop, him a go lose mi,” Gordon told Green Rush Daily.

Gordon’s lifelong habit is happily endorsed by her primary care doctor, whose view is that Gordon’s journey to 100 years might be cut short if she lays down her pipe.

Gordon, along with her doctor, speculate that her commitment to cannabis may be partly responsible for her longevity.

The old woman says the very moment she stops smoking, that’s the same day she will die and although her daughter and granddaughters have begged her to at least reduce it, she’s having none of that.

Source: www.Ghgossip.com

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