Renowned female Ghanaian counsellor, Charlotte Oduro has cautioned ladies not to forgive their cheating boyfriends no matter the depth of the love they have for them.

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In her opinion, a man who impregnates another woman whiles in a relationship is unworthy of a second chance as he has proven that he’s not a ‘husband material.’

“You love him. Does he love you? If he loved you, he wouldn’t have gone to sleep with somebody and impregnate the person,” she quizzed the audience at a recent programme dubbed ‘Love Clinic.’

She stressed that the cheating boyfriends are unlikely to stop their cheating ways and will continue to make the ‘mistake’ of cheating, she admonished.

Counsellor Charlotte added that cheating boyfriends have inculcated that unhealthy habit into their daily routine so it’s unlikely they will change when they even transitioned into husbands hence it will be in the best interest of ladies not to entertain them.


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“If you are here and a guy you’re not married to tells you: ‘I am sorry. I love you but it was a mistake and I impregnated that lady. I am sorry. Can you forgive me; I won’t do it again.’ Please start registering in your heart – if you want to marry a man like that – there are 20 kids coming to add up to yours. [This is because] because that mistake that made him do that he will still do it…you cannot change him,” she concluded.



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