The Canadian rapper, Aubrey Drake Graham, affectionately known as Drake has been trending on Twitter after the news of his encounter with the IG model went viral.


In the early hours of Tuesday, reports came in stating that an Instagram model (yet to be identified) was threatening to sue the rapper, Drake, after an unpleasant encounter with him at the hotel.

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According to reports, Drake met an Instagram model a few weeks ago and they agreed to link up in a hotel to have some fun. Before they got to the hotel, the two had some fun in the club and later resorted to the hotel to have fun.

After the two got sexually involved, the Canadian rapper Drake poured hot sauce into the used condom he used on the Instagram model to kill the sperms and make it inactive. However, without knowing, the model tried self-inserting the sperms only to find out Drake pour hot chili into the condom before deposing it.

Twitter users have mocked the Instagram model for trying to outsmart Drake but got caught in her own net.

@Frak white: Drake when he heard the scream from the bathroom

@joey: The IG model after self inseminating with Drake‘s hot sauce semen

@corn: the funniest part about this is that drake jus be keepin hot sauce on him

@muhammed: This Drake saga is funny to some people cos it happened to a man. Imagine it’s a man that tried to use a woman’s ejaculation to his advantage without the woman’s knowledge and consent. They’d tag it rapist & how women are unsafe around men. He won’t even have the effontry to sue

@moneyhungry: Hope she get nothing because she really violated her self and it states inside she tried to intrap him please read this and put hot sauce inside ya condom after using wake her ass up #igmodel #notrust #violated #drake #Hotsauce

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