The ex-wife of Nigerian actor, IK Ogbonna, Sonia has revealed that she is happy as a single lady.


The beautiful mother of one made this known in a recent social media post she made on her personal social media handle on Instagram.

During a recent Question and Answer session with her fans on the popular social media platform, one of her fans asked;

“Are u happier single?”

She said she is a happy person adding she made the choice to be single, however, she conceded that at a point, it is good to have a man to be intimate with.

“I’m a happy person
regardlessly, its kinda choice of mine

Although it’s nice & fun to have someone to kiss and harass randomly
But it’s important we know what we want and not to settle for less cuz that dangerous and toxic.”

In the same interaction, she revealed that she is a lady who has an unusually high standard when it comes to men.

One of her fans asked;

“When will you finally start liking someone”

And she answered;

“Me to I wonder
I’m too picky and my standards are unusually high”



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