AFTER an initial hitch, media personality, Berla Mundi, is finally leaving the EIB Network, where she has worked for the last five years, to pitch camp at Media General’s Adesa We and she told Showbiz last weekend that she was relishing the experience.

I n February this year, reports were rife that Berla was joining Media General, owners of and other brands. Sources at Media General then told Showbiz that she had already signed on the dotted line. 

However, that deal fell through at the last minute and although there was a lot of speculation as to what could have made the bubbly presenter back out of the deal, Berla said it was nothing complicated.

“My decision was because of the hectic nature of the course I was studying (Masters in PR), as I took it up based on my previous work schedule at EIB. 

“I realised changing jobs at that time would require my full concentration which was something I wouldn’t have been able to give to Media General, if I had joined. So I decided to complete my course before considering any new jobs so as to be able to bring the best of me to the table. 

“Having had the platform at EIB for many years to exhibit my talent, I believed it was time to move on and further explore opportunities available in the media space. As the Akan adage goes, ‘wo te  faako a, wo te w’ade3 so’ meaning one needs to be on the move if they want to succeed,” she said

Berla Mundi disclosed that she would have duties on both radio and television at Media General. “I believe TV takes centre stage. I’ll be joining the morning show as host and I’m looking forward to it. There are other works in the pipeline that would be revealed in due time,” she explained. 

On what she is bringing to the table, Berla said, “ My crazy on-air personality, and a spirit of growth. Media General is already a strong brand with highly talented individuals and I know by joining with the expertise garnered so far in my over seven years in the industry, we will become a force to reckon with.”

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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