A former member of P-Square, Peter Okoye known by the stage name, Mr P states that he doesn’t miss the group because his decision to go solo has proven to be right as he is making more money.

Mr P made the statement after being called out by a fan on social media. The fan identified Chukwuagozigom Clement Nwachukwu criticized Peter Okoye and his twin brother Paul Okoye for going their separate ways in music.  

Part of the comment reads:

“Mr p let us tell ourselves the truth….. That name p square is already made, anywhere you call the name, people respect the name so much because in that name we have a good singer and a good dancer at the same time but now, you people have divided to Rude Boy and Mr P”

Mr P, upon seeing the comment, took a screenshot and wrote a lengthy post in which he described the fan as bitter.

See full post below:

Bitter people everywhere!
Go check my page again. I am making more impact for myself and selling out concert around the world! Before the pandemic I just finished 20city tour in the US. And I have already announced 7 city tour in East Africa and 15 city tour in Europe. All paid for already! Mind you, I don’t share money 3 ways like before with my brothers anymore! I make more money as a solo act than I was in a group. Call it greed or being selfish if you wish to.
Did I hear you say go back?… And do what exactly? I thought y’all said I was a nobody but just a dancer! Well, I still fly private jets and I still command shows and concerts around the world🌎. Before I ended Psquare. We only had 1 endorsement which is with Globalcom. But Today MR P has about 6 and still counting! An ambassador to
and more! Just to name a few so Google it! Today I’m The CEO and License owner of Zoom Lottery & Betting. Running my Real Estate Business both here in Nigeria and in the US. And about to unleash my Clothing line outfit Zip Republic and my TV Reality Show Series THE OKOYES before the end of the year. It means I am now my own Boss! Can you bit that?
Pls take your frustration else where! Reason you are mad is because Psquare is no more!
I understand you just don’t want to accept the fact that Mr P is doing very well for him self. Well, My God has disappointed and shamed you badly.
So go deal with it. Continue comparing people that have made it in life. And still making more money for themselves. Instead of using thesame energy for yourself? Should I compare you with my gateman? Go and hustle and live a better life like I do. Just an advice.


This Reply is not just for you alone and I hope it makes you famous. Still in my studio working on my album. Bad energy stay far away! And If you don’t like me unfollow me or notify me to Block you! . Call it proud! Legend is Legend! Who God has blessed….. you know the rest. Bye

SOLO ATOKA (ask any igbo person to translate)




  1. This is m*d it is obvious … Did I heard him say money ?? Oh what about reputation, self respect and awards … This guy need his head fixed ..

  2. You can be what ever you claim to be comes down to choice and preference…all your riches don’t matter if the people don’t like you…

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