Actor Mr. Beautiful has claimed that he’s in no way moved by the financial predicament of T.T because he spent a 2 bedroom house money given him by his church pastor and members.


Mr. Beautiful in an interview with Sammykay disclosed that T.T was given some amount of money to purchase a house but then he spent the money on something else without building or buying the house and is now begging.

When asked whether he feels sorry for him, Mr. Beautiful said he isn’t moved at all because he knows they gave him a huge amount of money that he could have used to get his own place but then spent the money on something else and is now begging.

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Therefore, since he decided not to use the money given him some time ago, he is also not going to feel sorry for him in any way since it appears he isn’t ready to tackle his problems from the root but then uses the money given him for something else.

T.T is yet to react to the claims of Mr. Beautiful but then the latter gave us the go-ahead to go behind him and ask about the amount of money given to the former and if he could misuse such a huge amount of money, nothing will push him to feel sorry for him now.

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