The current debate in the country, aside from the Black Stars AFCON brouhaha, is the building of the new parliamentary chamber.

This issue has generated much debate even more than that of the Black Stars, with most Ghanaians saying the new chamber is a ‘misplace priority’.

A staunch member of the opposition National Democratic Congress who is also the MP for constituents of North Tongu has registered his displeasure at the government for initiating the move to build a new chamber.

According to him, he is highly opposed to the building of the new chamber as he believes that such resources can be channeled into other places which need urgent attention.

He noted that instead of building a new chamber, reconfiguration of the old one can be made and that will save money.

“I am opposed to the new chamber. The resources can be used to solve more pressing issues. Instead of building a new chamber, we can do a reconfiguration of the current chamber. I have always argued that we don’t need more than 200 MPs. There are situations where decisions are taken without consulting some of us. As I speak now, I have not even seen the design. I have consistently said that these increments should be avoided. I am opposed to large bureaucracies. The current govt believes that bigger numbers lead to bigger results, but the evidence so far does not support that.”, he said in a recent interview.


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