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INTERESTING: Beautiful Lady Calls Out Man Who Called Her A Witch For Not Dating Him (+Photos)


Some men behave childishly when dealing with women. They behave as though it’s mandatory for a woman to accept their proposal no matter what, a refusal of which attract various form of derogatory attacks from them.

That is the similar situation this Nigerian woman identified as Enobong Uche finds herself. This lady’s former course mate (Ifeanyi ) called her a witch simply because she turned down his advances.

Uche disclosed that she and Ifeanyi were not on talking terms while in university but he kept sending her messages privately.

According to her Facebook post, she even blocked the young man from all her social media handles but he was still persistent until she was called a witch.

Uche wrote on Facebook:

“Pls… u people should come and see what ur course mate Nwoye Ifeanyi sent to me this first day of the month. I don’t know who this idiot is… as a matter of fact, even in uni days, I never talked to him.

He was all up in my inbox since last year asking me out and even talking marriage… and of course I declined! Even blocked him on fbk and every social media oooo. Since den, it has been one insult of the other… even sending text begging hahaaha. I even sent all our chat history to Ekene!!! I don’t understand ooo if this alumni of UNN is going mad Oh… I think he is.

I am puzzled by this today he claims prophet, tomorrow he claims another thing. You think I don’t know how u made ur money???? It’s blood chasing u dear… not me. I would have cursed u with the anointing of God on my head but I will let God handle u according to Psalm 105:15. DO I KNW U BEFORE???? Beans head.”

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