Media personality Berla Mundi seems to be in a dilemma as she is confused as to whether I Love You and I’m In Love With You are all the same or different.


It seems someone has gathered the courage to say these words to our dear presenter and Berla Mundi seems to be confused with the two phrases and has taken to social media to ask whether they are the same or different.

Per our knowledge, Berla Mundi is single even though she has been talking about a particular BAE that doesn’t exist and for her to be torn between I Love You and I’m In Love With You means someone might have said those to her.

Some netizens tried to explain things to Berla Mundi and some of the comments give us a clear understanding between these two phrases that most of us have been using interchangeably without understanding the context.

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According to some netizens, the phrase I Love You is a normal saying that shows the affection you have for your family, friends, and people around you but I’m In Love With You goes to the extreme because it brings in romantic emotions, and such leads to romantic relationships.

Mostly, we use the I Love You to affirm the love you have for someone when you are in a relationship but going by I’m In Love With You means you are telling the person how you feel about him/her for the first time.

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