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Is Marriage An Outdated Institution?


The alarming rate at which marriages are breaking up has the put this sacred institution structured by God himself under scrutiny. For this reason, a cluster of people subscribe to the notion that marriage has become obsolete; in simple terms, outdated.

African marriage system has been adulterated with foreign elements. After the various stages of marriage rites, a man has to go the extreme length to dole out money to meet the other phase of the extravagant marriage procedure. Whether the man is financially sound or not is the least common factor; he has to fulfill that obligation will-nilly. Just last week, pictures of a newly married couple who haven’t finish full payment of their wedding gown and other accessories went viral on the internet. Do you think such a disgrace would strengthen this marriage?

Was that the intention of God when he said a man and woman should join and become one flesh? Is marriage still relevant? Before we dissect this subject into perspective, let’s us first look at the concept of marriage.

Marriage is a term for social relationships of husband and wife or of plural mates. When two people, conventionally a man and a woman form a social alliance approved by society and law you can conveniently call it marriage. It’s through this social pattern that human sustainability is established (procreation and s’exual gratification).

There are some variants in a marriage process. In some cultures or societies, a male is permitted to marry more one woman whereas some allow a woman to marry multiple husbands. It is strictly forbidden for a woman to have more than one husband in lots of societies. In primitive dispensation, parents contract marriages on behalf of their children. Things have evolved; males and females now arrange their own marriage before involving their entire family.

There are some terms associated with marriage I want us to pay attention to:

  • Exogamy: This marriage between persons belonging to a tribe or group other than your own as required by custom or law.
  • Endogamy: This is the practice of marrying or requiring to marry within one’s own ethnic, religious, or social group.

Also we must know the different types of marriages. This shouldn’t be confused with types of weddings:

  • Polygyny: The state or practice of having several wives at the same time; plurality of wives.
  • Polyandry: The marriage of a woman to more than one man, or practice of having more one husbands at the same time.
  • Monogamy: having one wife at a time.

Many believe marriage has no place in the modern world and should be completely outlawed. To them marriage is within the scope of religious concept that has lost its significance. Those who subscribe to the notion that marriage is indeed an outdated institution do not see logic behind getting married when in the next moment you can divorce in the next moment on flimsy and hard ground? As far as they are concerned the staggering statistics behind separation or divorce behind marriages make it unappealing.

Marriage, to some, is substantial evidence of love and commitment to one’s partner. The benefit derived from marriage is enormous. It provides and financial security, raising of kids in conducive environment and a whole lot more. To those who want to conspicuous in social structures, marriage provides the anchor to attain that objective.

Perhaps lots of prospective married couples rush into marriage blindly or rigidly, often armed with the elusive ‘till death do us part’ cliché. Many people marry for different reasons lately so there no guarantee we will live with our partner till death separate us. These are some of the choices of that has threatened the original concept of marriage to make it look unappealing in our modern set-up.

Marriage is a really a beautiful institution but with the demand of the changing world it somewhat look outdated. What do you think?

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