Award winning Ghanaian actress Ms Lydia Forson has talked about the sacrifices famous people makes just for ‘make the world a better place’.


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The outspoken actress said anytime a famous person dies, she thinks a lot about how much sacrifice he/ she gave to the world, and how much he/ she probably got back in return for his’ her sacrifice.

The screen goddess was reacting how most social media users and people around the world are reacting and mourning the sudden death of Hip Hop legend and rapper Earl Simmons popularly known by his stage name as DMX.

The world was shocked to hear the sudden death of DMX, who was said to have being admitted at the hospital following a heart attack which was caused by a drug overdose couple of days ago. He was said to have being placed on a life support machine at the intensive care unit (icu) until his passing.

Ms Lydia Forson in her reaction to the death of the rapper on micro blogging site Twitter, stated most of these famous people sacrifice their personal life in other to make his/ her fans and followers laugh, dance, sing or fill their lives with joy.

Every time someone famous dies, I think a lot about how much of themselves they gave to the world and how little they sometimes got in return. In some cases while they made us laugh, dance, sing and filled us with joy; it came at personal sacrifice and loss to them…

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