Rev George Lutterodt has reacted to the news making the rounds that he has been banned by the Ghana Psychological Council .

Reacting to all these news on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review show on Saturday with Kwesi Abogye, he said,

All that’s happening i see it as a vindictiveness; there are other people on TV and Radio calling themselves Counselors but they’ve not written to the Media about them, why only me George Lutterodt , everyday George Lutterodt , why?

He continued,

When I started doing this relationship talks, I was using my name George Lutterodt , and it was the Media and Ghanaians who loved my goodworks and started calling me a Counsellor and it has since stayed.

If the GPC like, they can take their Counsellor name, but they can never ban me. In case they don’t know, i was trained by a school and has Certificates to show. GPC cannot ban me in this country, i don’t belong to their association, they cannot ban me till i die. Has GPC

accredited me to say they are banning me, what sort of personal vindictiveness is this?”

Counselor’ Lutterodt added that he’s organizing a press conference live on UTV this Friday to react to the news that he’s being banned because as at now, he has not been served any letter by the GPC.

Section 140 of the Law-Health Professions Regulatory Bodies Act, 2013 (Act 857) stipulates that “a person who does not have the requisite qualification and who is not registered with the Council but wilfully and falsely uses any name, title or in addition implying a qualification of practice as psychologist or counsellor and practices or profess to practice psychology of which include counselling or receives payment to provide psychological services commits an offence and is punishable by law.”

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