ANYTIME her name is mentioned, what comes to mind is a half-naked pose on social media or videos in which she insults celebrities, but Rosemond Brown, popularly known as Akuapem Poloo, tells Graphic Showbiz all that is behind her now.

On Valentine’s Day this year, she went virtually na.ked on the Internet and had many tongues wagging, but Akuapem Poloo says she is done with that kind of life now.

“I was doing all that because I wanted fame and something to put food on my table, but I have that now and so there is no need to continue along that path. I am a mother, my son is growing and so I can’t be doing that.

“Also, my sweetheart doesn’t want me to do it; so no more twerking, no more half-naked pictures on the Internet and no more talking about celebrities.

“It’s not good; that isn’t me. I was a cool, calm person who became loud on social media. Now that I have got what I wanted, I have put a stop to it. I have four awards to my credit, including one from Nigeria. What else do I want?”

she quizzed.

According to her, she had to do something to get some money because she was the breadwinner of her family.

I am an only child; I was helping my mum and some of my cousins who all depended on me, not forgetting my dear son,” she said.

Akuapem Poloo added that she had spent the last 12 years shooting movies, TV series and music videos.

“I have starred in Obra, Chorkor Trotro, Efiewura and movies such as SideChic Gang, Sala, Away Bus, Baby Mama, etc. I have also shot music videos with the likes of Asamoah Gyan, Stonebwoy, Guru and a host of others,” she stated.

Source: Graphic Showbiz


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