Wisdom Hededzome a journalist with Radio XYZ has recounted how he was being assaulted by city guards.

According to the recovering journalist, City guards who were operating within the La Nkwantanang-Madina Municipality assaulted him.

He revealed that the City guards who were numbering about 10, were on duty around the Zongo junction at Madina, when the incident occurred on Tuesday, May 14, 2019.

The guards were part of a task force undertaking a decongestion exercise at Zongo junction and were assaulting hawkers, according to a Citinewsroom.com report.

The journalist was allegedly manhandled by about 10 of the guards who were on duty around Zongo junction at Madina on Tuesday.

Explaining how he was maltreated, he narrated that he was held by the waist, and his belt was pulled, leaving him hanging in the air.

He added that he was then asked to enter a yard, and was forced to do so, when he challenged them, saying he rather agreed to go to the police station.

Other guards were called, and they pounced on him. An unknown person blocked an attempt by an unidentified person to use a barbwire on him.

Hededzome further explained that his phone was taken, and the guards threatened to format it after he was forced to unlock it.

Panting and helpless, he left the scene, and reported the incident to the Madina police station.

Source: www,ghgossip.com

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