In a recent Facebook post, former AIDS ambassador, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah shared her HIV test result to the surprise of her followers.

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Per the results she showed, she is negative and she took the opportunity to urge Ghanaians to desist from stigmatizing her and her children.

She revealed she did a much detailed test in Germany, and it took about one full week for the result to come out, unlike the instant results we get from such tests in Ghana.

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She wrote,

This is my HIV results. This result took a week to come out because it is more detailed than the instant test.
This result looks for the HIV virus itself but not just the antibodies. 
This is more detailed as it brings the quantity of virus in an infected person. 
When I walked into a hospital in Germany, this was what I opted for and when I went back a week later to pick my results the Doctor said to me that I did not have any infection.
She circled the HIV virus _0_0 and said it means no detection, no infection. 
If the result is too complicated for you, show it to a professional to read it to you.
Those of you tommenting my life on social media and in real life, you can now keep the results, Laminate it and hang it in your room if that makes you happy.
Those of you who are still stigmatising my children stop it now because you have seen it now.
Thank you all

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