Ghanaian actress and singer, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah has slammed the Christian religious leader, Jesus Christ, claiming he’s wicked and powerless.

The mother of three, whose list of controversies can be well adapted into a screenplay, detailed in a lengthy post on Facebook how unfair Jesus has been to her and her family.

According to her, this is one of the main reasons why she has stopped going to church and if it’s possible to sue Jesus, she wouldn’t blink a second to go on with it.

Joyce Dzidzor Mensah has put her head on the chopping board and we know it wouldn’t be long before the ‘Christian extremists’ cut her into shreds.

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Here’s what she wrote;

I have personal problems with Jesus who misled me in the past. 

One of the stories that inspired me to save lives through HIV education was the story of Jesus Christ.

I wanted to do something extraordinary to draw more attention to save lives.

I also wanted to be like Jesus Christ so I did everything within my power to save lives but when troubles came my way, I cried, prayed and Jesus was no where to be found.

I have lost relatives in the past because we counted on the healing powers of Jesus hence taking my sick Auntie to a prayer camp in Ho when she fell ill instead of taking her to hospital. 

My uncle Mr Addo who was assistance head at swedru secondary school promised to further my education but died while we were counting on Jesus for healing….I prayed for a miracle but never got one so I started working in a com center while my friends were in school.

I was babtised in the church of pentecost and highly religious, midnight prayers was my food. But I don’t remember any prayers Jesus has answered. 

I became depressed along the line and felt Jesus never loved me.

As I write now, there are pastors who once invited me to educate their church members but most of them blocked me when I started having issues. 

We are all humans and not perfect, so if a pastor who says Jesus is saving sinners and cannot even speak again with a sinner like me then I don’t see my business in the church. 

Because it’s clear to me that the church is for the holy one. 

I have taken my destiny into my own hands and trying to study to make my life beautiful. No more praying and waiting for miracles that never happens.

Yes! It is true that religion stops part of your brain from functioning.

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Jesus has caused more harm to my family and at this point , I say never again to powerless and wicked Jesus and if there’s any possibility to sue him , I will not hesitate to do so.



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