Nigerian actress and slay queen, Esther Sky- born Esther Nwachukwu has stated in a viral video making rounds on the internet that actor Junior Pope is a bad fucker.


Esther first dared Pope to deny her wild allegation in order to spur her to open the next chapter of the dirty secret that could ruin his reputation forever. She bemoaned the fact that the actor squeeze the sweet juice out of her body and left her dry despite being married.

In two separate videos, she dared Junior Pope to come out and deny that he didn’t have it with her. She also said the actor begged her to make a video that she tattooed his name on her body.

She admitted that she never tattooed his name on her body that it was all staged.

In the second video, which was made early this year, 2021, she was seen saying that she tattooed one of her favourite actors, Junior Pope on her body, but wasn’t rewarded like other fans, who were duly rewarded for the same gesture for some of their favourite celebrities.

Watch the video below;



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