There must be an eminent rising between popular Ghanaian actress, Kafui Danku and female counselor, Counselor Charlotte Oduro.

Some few days ago, we reported about a news article about Counselor Oduro where she was heard to have said that any lady who uses GHC 1000 for her hair is not wife material.

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This was met by a reply from Kafui Danku who also claimed that anyone who listens to Counselor Oduro won’t make it in life.

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Counselor Charlotte Oduro who wouldn’t let this slide has responded. In her response she said;

“Some people don’t really get it. someone was saying that if you follow this woman you will never make money. Me and you who is making sense. if you will save GH¢1000 for every 2 weeks, you get GH¢2000 a month. 2 months is GH¢4000. Can’t you use this GH¢4000 to build up a business? Give yourself four years and you will be the best woman in town. Some women don’t want to own their own lives.”



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