Kgopolo Mphela has revealed that he won’t be reporting anything about Mac G.


It could be recalled that the renowned podcaster and media personality has been in the news after his ‘offensive’ podcast.

In that episode of his podcast, he reportedly made certain comments which really angered the LGBTQI community as they labelled his comments as hateful and transphobic.

He was engaged in a discussion about public figures that allegedly dated trans women where one of panelist used derogatory terms “shemales” and “woman with a di*k, and as the host, MacG was captured laughing.

Kgopolo who is a renowned media commentator has been reporting updates about the matter, however, it seems he is now fed up as he has revealed he won’t be reporting again.

Taking to his Twitter handle, he wrote;

“I’m done with the MacG story. It has caused me enough headaches. I have moved on. Whatever developments coming from the story, please check other media outlets for updates. I’m sorry guys. But no story is worth stress!

I keep telling you this people are evil. After what happened izolo who would still want to report on MacG story. Yea Studio88 dropped him. I continue reporting on that, I get attacked. He gets another deal next week. I don’t report on it, I get attacked. F’ off!”



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