Socialite Kim Kardashian has subtly shaded her ex-husband as a failed politician as she claimed she’s not running for the presidency as there can’t be 3 failed politicians in one family.


Kim Kardashian in her SNL monologue hinted at running for the presidency in the US but then shaded her husband Kanye West and the boyfriend of her mother as failed politicians saying she can’t add up to the number.

According to Kim Kardashian, there can’t be 3 failed politicians in her family as her husband Kanye West is a failed politician and the boyfriend of her money Coney is also a failed politician and she can’t add up to the number to make it 3.

Kim Kardashian also disclosed in the video that she’s more than just a pretty face and the picture her sisters show to their plastic surgeons and she’s there to prove to us all that she’s not a gold digger which led to her reason for divorcing Kanye West.

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Kim Kardashian despite divorcing Kanye West always appreciates him and shades him whenever she wants to and she calling him a failed politician in public knowing the video will go viral just amuses us.

She also shaded her mother and her sisters as well when she was trying to prove to us that she’s more than just the pretty face, nice b00bs, and nice a$$ more perfect than the pictures her sisters have been showing their plastic surgeons.

video below;



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