Popular Ghanaian media personality, Seth Kwame Dzokoto who is widely known as Kwame Dzokoto in a recent submission indicated that the ban the FDA has placed on celebrities advertising alcoholic beverages has forced him out of media.

He also revealed his plans to start battling the FDA in court over the issue as he stated that it is really giving him some sleepless nights.

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In the submission, he said;

“I decided to leave the media since no one is speaking for us. Although I made a lot of money from advertising alcoholic beverages, I just decided to stop this media thing and try my hands at a different thing.

If no one is fighting for us what’s the point in still being in the media.”

During the course of the interview, he also stated that he is now studying law with the view of battling the FDA in court over the ban.


“Since no lawyer is interested in fighting for celebrities to endorse alcoholic beverages I am taking it upon myself to pursue law and deal with such issues.

Who determines who a celebrity is? Would FDA say Maame Dokono (Grace Omaboe) or Mac Jordan Amartey should be charged for advertising alcoholic beverages when indeed those under 18 years might not even know them?

I think the law must be tested, anyone just takes a decision and it is final. Trust me I will be contesting FDA on their decision.

We have a lot of betting companies in Ghana and our children are going wayward but authorities will not see this and will rather ban celebrities from endorsing alcoholic beverages,” he added.



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