A young lady identified as Ijeoma has been arrested by the police of IMO state for using her menstrual period to prepare food for her boyfriend reports.

After her arrest, She denied all allegations but after several interrogations she confessed using her menstrual period to cook for her boyfriend for 7 months so that her boyfriend won’t dump her.

Her boyfriend’s (Mr. Kingsley) statement “I met Ijeoma 3 years ago. She was perfect but suddenly she started cheating on me and she engages in prostitution. Sometimes she would lie to me that she is traveling to her village but ends up in a Hotel with a man. One day I followed her and caught her in a Hotel with an old man but after begging me I forgave her because I love her so much. Most times my friends tell me to leave her but I can’t. I don’t know why. Just on Friday we had quarrel and fought, after the quarrel I over heard her speaking to someone on the phone about the quantity of the menstrual period she would use to prepare food for me. I heard everything that’s why I reported her to the police” She denied the claims by her boyfriend Mr. Kingsley but when interrogated by the IPO she admitted to have used it for 7 months. Her words ” I don’t use juju, I don’t know any native doctor. I love my boyfriend so much so I don’t want him to leave me.


The culprit disclosed that a friend of hers told her that if she uses her menses to prepare food for her boyfriend, he would fall in love with her forever. “I have done it for 7 months and it was working well” she told the police.

The police public relation officer Mr. Andrew said “we are still investigating into the matter and if her boyfriend wishes to charge her to court, we would give our appropriate support as demanded by the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria”

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