A young Nigerian female comedian identified as Elenora who once claimed that Davido’s album was trash and got block by Chioma on social media is now pleading with Chioma to unblock her on Instagram.

Davido released his latest album not long ago and immediately it was released, this comedienne ‘joked’ about Davido’s album being wack.

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She made a video revealing how long she had waited for Davido’s album, only for it to come out being wack and not nice at all.


At the end of the video, she took back her words and praised the album and by that time, it was too late since people had already concluded that she was dissing Davido.

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She stated that Chioma blocked her immediately, however, Elenora in a new video has apologised after she discovered that she was blocked.

She also explained that blogs only used her as a scapegoat and she is a huge fan of the couple.



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