Youth Rights Campaign (YRC) has spoken out against the white paper released by the Lagos State government on the report of the Lagos State Judicial Panel Inquiry.


Following the revelations of the report, the panel accused the white paper as an attempt to tone down and circumvent the panel’s primary conclusions. The group went on to say that the white paper is an attempt to obscure the reality.

The group’s National Coordinator, Michael Lenin and National Secretary, Francis Nwapa, issued a statement where they asked for the full implementation of the recommendations of the Judicia l Panel of Inquiry.

The statement read: “The white paper is a product of a so-called “formal committee” headed by the Attorney General of Lagos State. We think it is not only undemocratic but also an insult to the enormous sacrifices of the judicial panel of inquiry as well as host of witnesses, lawyers, security and medical experts and victims and in extension, many Nigerians who anxiously waited for the panel’s report for over one year for the Lagos State government, whose actions were a subject of the panel’s investigation, to constitute a secretive bureaucratic committee to cherry-pick the panel’s findings and recommendations.

“It is not surprising that the language of the white paper is not so different from the dubious argument deployed by the Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed and the Minister of State for Labour, Festus Keyamo, to discredit the panel report. In fact, the arguments canvassed in the white paper to discredit the key panel findings are borrowed straight from the “misinformation playbook” of Lai Mohammed who called the incident of October 20, 2020 “a massacre without bodies”. This shows to what extent the Lagos and Federal governments are working together towards the objective of ultimately covering up the truth.


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