[Verse 1: Chillz]
What a day what a day
Ex girl got engaged
Now I’m scrolling through her page
Searching for something to say
What a day what a day
Hustle hard for the pay
Sweet chilly with the waves
See me from a mile away
What a day what a day
This the days that we pray for
Steady grinding in my lane
All the glory going way up
What a day what a day
Love the hater showing fake love
You know we saucy by nature
Yeah we really bout to take off
I just dey grind on my own
Nobody nobody knows
Just how it goes
Police go stop you for road
Collect the one wey you hold
Just how it goes
Taking over no be coup d’etat
Ask around the know who we are
That’s the life of a superstar
Plenty music for my reservoir

What a day what a day
What a day what a day

[Verse 2: M.I Abaga]
What a day what a day
Nigga tryna ride my wave
That’s the ting nowadays
Y’all don’t know how to behave
If you got shit to say
You should say it to my face
But niggas is tryna get paid
So I guess it’s better on stage
Nowadays what’s the truth?
Niggas blabbing off the juice
What do you get when fake niggas talk?
Fake news fake news
Nigga you was talking loose
Why don’t you say it to loose?
Dawg who gon pay for your tooth
When we show up with the troops?
But it’s okay, we expect it
Cause we know y’all feel neglected
Y’all be hating while we getting it
So do what you think is effective
What a day what a day
They just taking shots cause they hate
It’s okay
Another classic album for you
Sorry about the delay

[Outro: DO2dTUN]
Ladies and gentlemen
I’m AKA super hypeman
And you already know
It’s going to be a crazy night
And I’ll be dropping the best hits
Best music, all the way down
So if you guys wanna get your groove on
You better hit me up
I’m having a great time


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