Close to me

Keep it G
I dont fuck around
You could be around
And get fucked, better buckle down
I dont need me a seatbelt nigga
Get your car washed
I dont mean in detail nigga
Ain’t no soap involved
Just a scope involved
Yeah I’m real cool but you dont want my ghost involved
You said you hard but you acting like a female nigga
Sold your soul so you sound like a retail nigga
Fuck with me, extended clip like a email nigga (nah)
I’m probably selling you nigga juice
Came a long way from a 22 when a nigga boot
Cool like that, so I guess my plan is (?)
Hammer close to me like whitе on rice
Or peanut butter n jеlly
Turn your brains in jelly
If you ever fuck with me nigga thats on life
Dont you ever cross ghost nigga thats on christ

[Chorus] X8
Close to me

Ain’t playing against stone if I gotta close to me
You oughta leave me alone
Put a barrel on his air like a phone
Let him say his last prayer then I air out his dome
Whats the hardest out for a reason
You was hardest for just a season
Why you think these niggas is happy that I’m a vegan
The longer got a longlist of niggas that I’m leavin’
Fuck around and make a new list
Two guns up in a two seater lets do this
But I really prefer a knife
Thats enormous shit, venomous shit
Ya niggas say you street but you sweeter than a cinnamon stick
When its late night watch who you playin gremlins with
I tore sign when you in all black
If you ain’t with the shit, chill nigga you should fall back


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