AMG Business boss, Criss Waddle has descended on his critics and people he perceives as haters, saying they are just broke as well intimidated by his success.

He noted that individuals who proclaim to ‘hate’ him have nothing truly going on well for them throughout their everyday life.

He further went on to say his prosperity scares individuals which perpetually transforms them into haters.

In a recent Facebook post, the rapper wrote;

“99% of the people that hate me are broke and intimidated by my 2 by 4 success cus if u sit them down and u ask them why do u hate Waddle,u will realize they have no Good explanation ???????? I’m yet to meet a rich man that hates me???????????? Ohiaa Y3 adambor #AMG Wati….God Punish Poverty ????????”

Source: www.ghgossip.com


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