A viral online report claims a Ghanaian man has beaten the hell out his wife when he caught her red handed having s£x with another man.

The man, identified as Kofi Bandoli has consequently been arrested by Awutu Bereku District police for visiting his own version of ‘Kungfu Hustle’ on his poor wife.

Wondering how it all happened? The report said the man called his wife severally on phone to make enquiries about something but he was ignored.

He then decided to go home and see whether something had happened to her because that was unusual.

Upon reaching the house, she heard his wife moaning in their bedroom and as his curiosity got the better side of him, he opened the door only to find another man banging her like CRAZY.


Unable to control his anger, he pounced on the woman and pummeled her as her lover bolted from the scene with the speed of lightning.

Some residents also angered by his assault on his wife, also rushed on the suspect and beat him.

Both of them are receiving treatment at Awutu Breku Hospital.

The police have indicated that they will arraign Kofi Bandoli before court after receiving treatment.



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