We have reached a certain point in our lives where bizarre stories-whether real or fictitious don’t surprise us any longer.

However on that same wavelength, some stories move the muscle in us which leaves us asking WTF!

So this man from Germany called Rolf Buchholz displayed his 480 piercings and the horns implanted into his forehead during the International Body Art convention held in Brussels, Belgium.

Yeah- this dude wants to rival Satan (as depicted in fables) by getting a horn fixed on his head through surgery plus all this body piercings is the strangest thing I’ve ever heard.


The International Body Art which is held every year between November 8-10, gives attendees the chance to be tattooed by ‘the world’s finest tattoo artists on the planet,’ according to the convention’s official website.

Any tattoos completed at the gathering can then be entered into the convention’s own award ceremonies which give prizes in categories that include Best Graphic, Best Healed and Best of Show.



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